The Event

INCLUSIA 2020 cancelled

The aim of INCLUSIA is to live face-to-face encounter. Currently, this is not possible.

INCLUSIA 2020 – a unique event. Pupils without handicap and people with handicap will meet in Klagenfurt, Austria to establish new friendships and to take part in this unique festival. 2020 INCLUSIA will be organised for the 18th time.

Schülerin und Gast mit Behinderung im Schulhof

Photo credits: Gert Eggenberger

People with handicap from the Alps-Adriatic-Region and pupils from school classes of Klagenfurt, Austria will actively take part in INCLUSIA 2020. In many cases social ties between people with handicap and pupils continued to exist until now.

During INCLUSIA 2020 we will live and learn what is meant by “inclusion” – “everybody, no matter what their differences are, to be seen as enrichment and part of the community”. We all have our strengths and abilities! Especially people with special needs can show us a lot. The sparks will fly! Guaranteed!

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