School Classes

Many young people prepare themselves to be host for this occasion. Hundreds of pupils out of many school classes of Klagenfurt, Austria will experience one day or two days of inclusion by taking part in activities together, painting together, cooking, craftwork, playing sport, singing in a choir as well as creating the lessons together. The experience together provides an opportunity to get to know each other and learn to respect one another.

Impression INCLUSIA 2018 (Video: Barbara Petscharnig)
Impression INCLUSIA 2018 (Video: Orsola Caldera)

Many young people from Klagenfurt, Austria will actively be involved, thus giving us strong proof of the openness and humanity of which we are proud of.

Zwei Schüler malen mit einer Person im Rollstuhl

Photo credits: Gert Eggenberger

At INCLUSIA 2023 the following school classes actively take part (will be updated continuously):

Adventistische Privatschule VS 1., 2.
Adventistische Privatschule MS 1., 2.
BRG Viktring 3c, 3fm
Ingeborg-Bachmann-Gymnasium 1d, 3dr, 4cr, 7a, 7c

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